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Update! February 20, 2009

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Happy New Year everyone I have been MIA for a few days because of the holidays and the load of school work… and I’m on my way back.  FIRST! I wanna say thank you to CurlyNikki for picking me as the runner

Hair growth as of January 1st.. next growth update in March.

up for her contest and I got a sample of Kinky Curly Knot Today and I am so excited for the package to comeeeee!!!!

I also decided that I would add my final 09 growth results and I would follow up every three months to check on my progress! So here it is!!!!


Okay so I saved this post as a draft and never publsihed it… I am so sorry because I completely neglected the blog with all the school work and sleepyness. I am so sorry. Also visit my youtube account:iMakeupx3. I also maybe making a blogspot for make up and keeping this for my hair.


Happy Holidays! December 24, 2008

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MerryXmasMerry Xmas Everyone!

– Sorry for the procrastination I havent posted in a while buy I want to say thank you for all my viewers! I also want to say that after xmas and after all the GIFT CARDS which I love I’m going to let my inner PRODUCT JUNKIE out!!!!

-I’m gonna be trying alot of things and so many reviews!

*Best Wishes


Hair Growth! November 22, 2008

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I am sooooo excited because in September, the day before school started i cut alot of hair off about 2inches or more didnt really measure just cut off all the split ends and jumped on the CG (sort of modified) bandwagon again and I am so happpy!!! First of all my hair is back to where I cut it from and that is really exciting but  since its winter I have to buckle down a lot more. I am so excited. Before cutting my hair its was about APL and after cutting it, it was about inch down my shoulder. The picture on my first post was about a few weeks before I cut it.  Hopefully I will be straightening my hair this weekend or the following and you guys can get a better look! I can’t wait to get to BSL .. almost there!!!

This was taken around May/June of '08This was taken in May/June of 08 before cutting.
This picture was taken oct13th (after cut)

This picture was taken oct13th (after cut)

This was taken on nov17 after the cut

This was taken on nov17 after the cut

Sorry for all the blurriness I just came out of a steamy hot shower!


Hi Everyone!! November 19, 2008

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me!This is my very FIRST official post and I am excited. I am a fellow CG with some 3c and 4a and recently found some 3b will detangling in the mirror!  On this blog I will be posting hair ideax, reviews, hair growth and results and a lot more to help everyone.

Question, Concerns, or Declartions feel free to comment!!!